It's FINALLY here...evidence for EVERY AGE!

The book that helped launched a ministry and set the world of Christian apologetics on fire🔥 is now available in a variety of teaching formats from 2ND GRADE THROUGH TO ADULT!

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - Teaching Curriculum for All Ages

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2nd-5th grade

Student Workbook + Teacher Guide. Get them started as early as possible!

Student Workbook + Teacher Guide, online course also available!

A complete curriculum that includes questions, assignments, and tests. Our most in-depth study!

Less intense than the High School study, online course also available!

Become a BOLD (but loving!) apologist For God and teach others how to defend the truth of Christianity and the Bible with one of the 'I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist' Teaching Curriculum

Dr. Frank Turek has been answering questions from believers and non-believers about the Christian faith for over 20 years. He has been able to narrow down the real questions behind most objections so that you won’t get diverted by rabbit trails. These studies guide the upper grade classes (or adults!) through discussions and provides them with understandable and memorable answers.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist - Four Main Questions

Choose from a variety of formats including, books, study guides, videos, high school curriculum, and even an online course with LIVE zoom sessions that cover the complete 12-part study that Frank Turek presents on college campuses and churches around the country to those skeptical about Christianity and to Christians seeking to better articulate a defense for their faith.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - College + Adult Products

Yes, our college + adult study is actually less intense than the High School study (we're crazy that way!) and is meant to be used as a companion to Frank’s best-selling video series Why I Still Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (available as DVDs or an online course). *BONUS FOR BUSY FOLKS: reading the book is not required for this study, so it is perfect for ADULT SMALL GROUPS. Woot-woot!

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I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - High School Curriculum Set

More intense than the college + adult workbook study, this is a complete curriculum with more questions, reading and writing assignments and tests. The I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist curriculum will prepare high school students to defend their Christian faith with boldness and effectiveness, and is also perfect for ambitious (OK we'll just come out and say it...EXTRA-NERDY) small groups who want an IN-DEPTH COURSE on Christian apologetics!

*Each student will need a copy of the curriculum and the paperback. (Items can also be purchased as a set with the optional DVDs.)

Teaching children Bible stories is easy...

But teaching them how to defend their faith? 🤔 Not so much!

until now!


For the past 15+ years Dr. Frank Turek has been using his 'I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist' book (co-authored with Dr. Norman Geisler) to teach and develop curriculum for teenagers and adults that provides the evidence for Christianity in an orderly and understandable way.

But there’s never been something that does that for kids.

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be An Atheist Teachers

Together with Hanna Sims and Shanda Fulbright, Dr. Frank Turek has developed the first set of curricula for parents and teachers to help the children in their care build confidence in their Christian faith. Its purpose is to help kids be self-assured that Christianity is true by studying all the different types of evidence that affirms that Christianity isn’t just an opinion, but a belief based on FACTS.

Let's Get Real: Examining the Evidence for God

for 6th-8th Grade

Workbook Series (or) Online Course

Let's Get Real: Examining the Evidence for God (all products)
Workbook Series

Shanda Fulbright is a former California Public School teacher and is credentialed with a certification in multiple subjects for grades K-8. Along with her BA from California State University, Fresno, she has a graduate certificate in Christian Apologetics from Biola University, is a two-time graduate of the CrossExamined Instructor's Academy, and has earned several certificates from the incredibly prestigious 👉Online Christian Courses! 😉Shanda is also the host of the popular ‘Her Faith Inspires’ podcast where she takes cultural issues and speaks to them using biblical truth.

Yes, God is Real

for 2nd-5th Grade

Workbook Series

Workbook Series

Hanna Sims has been helping kids learn about God and His Word for over 10 years in churches, schools, ministry outreaches, and neighborhood clubs. She has a B.S. in Ministry Studies (Children) from Calvary University. She seeks to glorify God by providing members of the body of Christ with a network of Teaching, Equipping, and Connecting resources to assist them in their Biblical ministry to the next generation through her ministry called NETworkers TEC. She is also a member of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network. Hanna engages kids, teens, and adults with workshops, parent/teacher trainings, and youth events. She helps them know Biblical truth and to be equipped with skills to share truth with others.

Frank, Hanna, and Shanda will guide you through the ENTIRE process step-by-step and show you EXACTLY what to say and do  (yes, there are scripts! #happydance) to help your child build a strong foundation for their Christian faith! The evidence is also presented in a way that is fun, memorable, and relatable for lower and upper elementary age kids.

Interested in our ONLINE COURSES? Of course you are! 👀

Why I Still Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist


I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist - Online Course

Let's Get Real: Examining the Evidence for God


Let's Get Real: Examining the Evidence for God - Online Course